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Yoga Classes  in Pitampura Delhi

We are a group of Young and energetic Yoga Instructors. having knowledge of Yoga and allied sciences. We provide yoga classes in Pitampura Delhi and NCR region. Personal training, corporate classes, Group Training, Kids Yoga etc.
Our Yoga and Meditation Classes Studio / Center is Located in Delhi. Styles of Yoga We teach are Power Yoga, Classical Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow, Sivananda, etc.

Yoga in Delhi

– Hello, hello, and welcome to True, Yoga Classes, Retreats & Teacher Training.Happy New Year, everyone.Thank you so much for being here. You are in for a real treat. Today is your orientation day or your intention-setting day with a quick intro just to say hello and really wish you a happy New Year and just give you a couple little things that might be helpful to consider before you begin.

All right, you; re gonna need a yoga mat. If you have one, dust it off. If you really don’t have one and you want to participate, you can use a towel or you can make do on a hard surface. Everyone, grab a blankie or a towel so you can pad the knees or lift the hips whenever you need to, and then of course, always show up wearing something comfy. This is the Studio yoga practice so one of the joys of at-wonder place, yoga is you can wear whatever you want or go free. I don’t care.


Pitampura yoga Continued

You’ ‘re gonna need an open mind. You’re gonna need a willingness to see yourselfand love yourself hard.

All right, last but not least, if you haven’t already, sign up for our daily email. and get your free downloadable updates if you dig. At least the email’s really nice because it helps you kind of go beyond just the physical Asana practice. and get a little more bang for your buck.

And then the calendar’s really great because you can download it and print it out and it just helps you kind of follow along.


It also helps you plan ahead because you can see the duration, the length of your practice so that you can plan accordingly. Okay, thank you so much for saying yes. I assure you that I have your back and I cannot wait to get started tomorrow. If you haven’t already, invite your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your foes. because I genuinely believe with all my heart that we all deserve to feel good and that we feel the best when we feel like ourselves. So remember, you don’t need fixing. You’re perfect the way you are. Just show up tomorrow as you are and all will be well. I’ll see you then, my friend. Have a great rest of your day. Namaste.





We serve in Pitampura, Punjabi Bagh, East Delhi, North Delhi, West Delhi, Ghaziabad: Indirapuram, Vasundhara,  Faridabad, Gurgaon etc. Do call Us for personal or group training.

“I joined Yogis Temple for weight problems. @ Yogis Temple the set of exercises: Suryanamaskara, Asanas, and breathing patterns ( Pranayama), greatly helped me remove my heaviness in the body and increase my flexibility which I was greatly lacking. Thank You, Yogis Temple” ‘ Yoga classes in Pitampura Delhi’.

“I joined Yogis Temple a month back and I was suffering from high blood pressure, @ Yogis Temple the teachers taught many breathing exercises ( Pranamayas), and relaxation meditational techniques that my B.P is under control now. Thank You, Yogis Temple”

“I joined Yogi’s temple for general fitness. The set of exercises @ yogis temple are holistic and complete, the routine of pattern keeps on changing on a daily basis so that the mind gets involved and we do not get bored by same routines, as a result, I was also greatly benefited in terms of health”

Our Services

Yoga Therapy for the treatment of various physical and mental ailments and many lifestyle diseases like gout, blood pressure, sciatica, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, obesity, diabetes etc.

And also for other benefits like Increasing height in children, flexibility, fitness, improve concentration etc.

An Ayurveda and naturopathic diet counseling so that your body gets the best of nutrition and the three humorous of the body that are Vata, Pitta, & Kapha remain in balance, for the proper functioning of the body. Other services are Power yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Sivananda, Kundalini & Vinyasa Flow.  



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