Yoga & Meditation Wellness Retreats & Vacation Near Delhi NCR


Yoga retreats & Vacation Near Delhi  aim to develop AN insight into the standard and authentic yogistic discipline. this is often a 100-hour fourteen day retreat program that may initiate you into the made tradition of yogistic discipline with the exposure to the assorted theoretical also as sensible aspects of yogistic system. it’s a workshop designed to produce everyday tools to help you in handling your mind and its complexities. it’s conjointly a chance to line aside time for yourself, and see your true nature. The Retreat are going to be a fine looking and singsong mix of asanas (Yogic postures), pranayama (Hatha yogistic breathing), mantras, meditation techniques sourced from tradition of Raja Yoga,Tantra, ,Kriya Yoga &Upanishads.


Yoga as wide understood isn’t a group of techniques or repetitive set of postures rather it’s conscious journey to boost the notice and quality of life. At Yoga Retreat Delhi our teaching relies on holistic or integrative approach of yoga. we have a tendency to usevaried techniques of yoga like posture, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha and Shatkriyas also as time tested techniques of Raja yoga, Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga to facilitate an inward and self exploring journey in a private.

Outcome: expertise of retreat can culminate into a sound and authentic understanding of yogistic system also deepening of awareness and skill of meditation; to help one to measure life consciously and heedfully.

Spritual Retreat Weekend

Ministers and different Christians who are on the forefronts, working so industriously for whatever remains of us, need a tranquil place – a yoga retreat where they can feel at home yet get away from their every day weights for some time.

The Hiding Place Bed and Breakfast Weekend Vacation  in Delhi is an immaculate Yoga Retreat for ministers and lay priests to escape for some unwinding, reflection and revival. The developed, grand trees, the residential area air and the basic yet exquisite housing breath life into a slower pace. The whirlpool spa gives you a chance to unwind your drained muscles and invigorate your entire body.

Debbi Schwaab, proprietor of The Hiding Place, has been a Christian for the vast majority of her life. She and her significant other, Keith, have served numerous Christians throughout the years in home Bible Study Groups and balanced settings, sustaining more youthful Christians and invigorating the individuals who are experiencing upsetting times. Keith and Debbi would be cheerful to lead a period of supplication and love every day for any individual who might want to partake.