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yoga teacher training in rishikesh


 Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

– Hi everyone. Welcome to Dedicate, your 200 Hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India . 30-day yoga journey.It’s Day 0, okay? So you may or may not know but on this day we actually don’t do any yoga. It’s Day 0. Just a quick little orientation day to say hey and you’re awesome and way to dedicate the next 30 days to taking time on your yoga mat. So amazing.

You’re in for a real treat. So today, wherever this Training finds you I’d just like to invite you to take a deep breath in. And as you exhale just know(sighs) you’ve made an amazing choice. Thank you so much for saying yes to going on this journey with me and people all across the globe. It’s gonna be awesome. Today just a few little tips, pointers that might help you set yourself up for greatness. First, keep an open mind. An open mind and an open heart. This little journey tells a story. It’s not your normal yoga practice.

Yoga Training 200 Hours

We will make sure you’re safe. We’ll focus on action and alignment but ultimately this is about breathing and listening and spending time with yourself. Are you gonna get strong? Are you going to gain muscle definition? Absolutely, we are gonna work hard but in a really mindful way. So keep an open mind. Come with an open heart and be willing to learn something new. Okay, the next thing is you might want to bring a couple of blankets or folded up towels or a pillow to class.

This is just really helpful because we spend so much time on the ground. If the low back, the hips or the legs are super tight,it’s really nice to be able to sit up on something to lift the hips so that your knees can drop and you can create a little bit of space in the front of the hips, the hip flexors, to sit up nice and tall. So if you have a little towel or blanky, you don’t need to have any fancy yoga blanket or yoga block but if you have it you’re welcome to bring it but just something that you can sit up on from time to time. Okay, the final little loving tip is about communication.

Teacher Training continued

Take a second today, set an intention, write in your journal just say, “I choose to take 30 days TTC in Rishikesh India   and”dedicate this time and focused energy “inward toward myself.”To get stronger in my body.”To get clear in my mind and to do this so that I can have”energy and everything I need to serve others and show up for”others in the world in a way that feels really good.”So take a little time, write it down, you can even write it in your phone.

Why are you going on this journey and then the part two of this tip of communication is sure to communicate with people that you’re living with, a roommate, a partner, your family, let them know you’ve dedicated the next30 days to spending time on the mat. And they might want to join you, they might not. It’s okay either way. But do take a second and I think it’s really cool and awesome to just say, “Hey, this is what I’m doing and”I’d love for you to support me on this journey.


In the meantime, I love you so much. You’re my hero for saying yes to this journey. Invite your friends. It’s not too late to invite. You can invite a friend today and they can go on the journey live, in real time with people all across the globe. It really is a remarkable one-of-a-kind experience thatI’m honored to be a part of so share it with as many people as you can and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 1.Namaste.(bright music)




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