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What is Naturopathy?

It is a system of finding a cure for various ailments without the use of medicines and other health supplements. It is an ancient and traditional system that focuses on the complete integration of mental, physical and spiritual aspect of the natural constitution of the body and can cure diseases.

Basic Principles involved in Naturopathy

The basic principles involved in treating diseases using this ancient and traditional science include the following:

  • The reason and remedy for the majority of the diseases are the same. Firstly, ailment develops due to the presence of intoxicants that are removed from the body.
  • These intoxicants are the ones that cause diseases, and the bacteria and virus mainly feed on them.
  • Nature is the best doctor, the patient gets cured and not the ailment. Each and every level of the body are treated holistically.
  • There is no use of medicines in the entire process as Naturopathy is the best medicine in itself.

The sole objective of Naturopathy is to teach people the system of living a healthy life with a change in their lifestyle and daily habits that not only protects the body from diseases but also make it glow.

The four basic techniques used include food, water, mud and massage therapies, and these can be explained as below:

  • The food therapy asks to consume food in its natural form as someone eats a medicine. It includes all the natural fruits, fresh vegetables with different combination having foods that strengthen and purify the body. These are to be consumed in the required amount, and the stomach is to be left a little empty.
  • Mud baths and mud packs are used to extract the intoxicants from the body and especially for resolving high blood pressure, anxiety, constipation and other gastric as well as skin problems.
  • Thirdly, there are many water therapies provided using clean and fresh water to make the body feel refreshed and full of energy. There are various types of baths involved in this such as the hip bath for improving liver, large intestines, kidneys, and stomach. A person can also take a steam bath that will open up the closed pores of the skin and draw out the intoxicants. Perhaps, a better option is a hot foot bath to help with asthma, headache, menstrual irregularities and a full body massage. A spine bath to take care of enemas and rid the body of the toxins.
  • The final step is the massage therapy to increase the blood flow and remove the stiffness and weariness of the body along with the muscles.

Naturopathy can be used to cure and relieve most of the illnesses prevalent today and is good for those looking forward to relaxing and enjoy a healthy life.

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