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Sujok, the alternate healing method is simple as well as famous for producing effective results.

What is the Sujok therapy?

According to the Sujok therapy, palm and foot represent all the organs in the body. Su means hand and Jok means palm and can be done with other therapies without producing any side effect. The therapy developed by Professor Park Jae Woo is completely safe and easy to perform. Stimulation of the feet and hands produces a great effect as these are the locations corresponding to all the organs of the body. It is a universal method and treats various ailments as there is no need to take precautions during the treatment as it is also one of the safest treatment.

How can Sujok therapy provide mental peace in today’s stressed out life?

Stress has become an integral part of the modern day lifestyle and right from a small child to an adult everyone suffers from some ailment. Although, a majority of us depend on the pills but a simple touch on the tip of the thumb with an index finger can provide amazing results. However, for a longer effect one has to repeat this therapy to get better relief. Tai Chi also reduces stress and anxiety along with increasing balance and flexibility.

How is Sujok helpful in curing mental and emotional disorder?

One can easily diagnose the problem with this therapy and with the pressing and application of pressure on the key points the problem can be cured completely. Sujok helps in treatment of many problems including headache, bronchitis, gastric acidity, asthma, constipation, ulcer, vertigo, gastro oesophageal reflex disease and many other complications as well. It is also the ultimate therapy to cure depression, fear, anger and worries to those depending on pills to cure such problems.

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